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Visual artist

3D content creation for Artwork, Motion Graphics and VR/AR

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Back to back

Artwork, 3D modeling

Think about me

Artwork, 3D modeling


Concept, 3D modeling


VFX Loop, 3D modeling


3D modeling, Kinect

On the Move

Animation, Kinect


Artwork, 3D modeling


3D modeling, Kinect


Artwork, 3D modeling


Bram de Bree is a creative visual artist, who combines disciplines like sound, motion graphics and interaction. Specialized in 3D content, live-visual performances and content creation in general for events and festivals.

Most of the content we watch is limited to the frame of your screen. With virtual reality you can transform the environment around the spectator. You can see more depth so that the environment comes to life. With augmented reality you can bring virtual objects to the real world.

To enhance the experience, Bram can create a spectrum from realistic to abstract video´s and images for Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. By utilizing these technologies the audience is completely immersed in the experience.

Bram de Bree

Visual artist
Utrecht, NL

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